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A quick list of the first 20 things I could think of (in no particular order) that make being single great! It’s highly specific to me and I’d love to know what yours are- please add them in the comments!

1. Not having to share: I get to eat the whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s
2. No judgement: If I choose not to shower for a day longer than is ok, there’s no-one here to judge me for it
3. I have a lot more money: there’s fewer gifts to buy, date nights to pay for etc.
4. I get to make all the decisions: I can choose what to do and when, I don’t have to consult anyone or fit around their schedule
5. All the space: I don’t have to try and fit two people’s stuff in here!
6. No snoring: that one’s self explanatory, I don’t want to be woken up
7. My things arranged how and where I want them: there’s no negotiating, my stuff gets to be up on display and where I think it should go
8. I don’t have to pretend I like anyone: there’s no need to try and get on with your friends and family
9. Not having to shave in the winter: (and most of autumn sometimes), it’s unnecessary effort.
10. My own sleep schedule: no-one else’s alarm is waking me up in the morning, I decide when I sleep and if I want a lie in I can have one undisturbed
11. I get to eat what I want: I choose and cook all of my meals, there’s no pretending I like what you’ve made me
12. My time is my own: I don’t have to attend your family events or do things you want to do that I have no interest in
13. No arguments
14. Space in bed with the amount of duvet you want: no compromises needed!
15. Complete control over the TV: and who doesn’t want that
16. I spend my money on whatever I want: there’s no judgement or need to share it
17. I get to be unorganised and messy when I want to be: it’s ok when it’s one person, but with two it’s just too much
18. I get to do what I want to do by myself, without feeling like I have to drag you along because I should, even if I don’t really want you there…
19. No relationship stress whatsoever.
20. Being completely myself at home: no-one needs to see just how weird I am…
Bonus: No-one around to make me ill: last thing you want is to catch whatever bug they have!

Add yours to the comments!

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