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I love Christmas. You may have noticed from the abundance of Christmas themed posts over here. But it makes trying to go back to ‘real life’ after Christmas a major challenge for me.

I spend the majority of my two week holiday at my parents. Despite being 26, they still treat me as a mix of a teenager and house guest, which for the most part actually works well (although irritating at times I can assure you!). It means that I get to stop being an ‘adult’ in many ways. I don’t have to think about paying for things or cooking, I get to do only fun things I want to do- work and the gym are forgotten in favour of the sofa, TV and food. Not to mention the lie ins!

Now I’m back to a bleaker reality. I’ve put away all of the Christmas decorations and unpacked my suitcase of Christmas clothes and presents. I’ve stepped on the scales (!) and have finished all of my Christmas chocolate.

Next step is to get back into a routine. Last week was about survival, but this week I need to get work done, be tidy, go to the gym, eat better, go to bed at a reasonable hour etc, etc. But all I really want, is to spend another week watching movies from the sofa and eating all the food in the house…

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