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In the course of my life lots have things have changed. But very few things have changed when it comes to celebrating Christmas. Maybe that’s part of the reason I love it so much. I can rely on it.

This also means that many of the things I do to get into the festive spirit haven’t changed either. So here’s a little insight into the Christmas season for me.

One month until Christmas

For me the run into Christmas really begins about a month before. This is usually when I have a dedicated Christmas shopping day with my Mum in London. We go and see the lights and window displays on Oxford Street and Regent Street, as well as hopefully getting a few presents bought. We also make sure to have a Christmas Costa because I always love their Christmas drinks menu!

Beginning of December

Slightly nearer to Christmas, usually the first weekend in December, I have a ‘friends Christmas’ with some of my favourites. We go to a different person’s house each year, each bringing some food to make up part of the roast. We listen to Christmas music and play games, I’m usually the only one in a Christmas jumper though! I love that this is fixed in our calendar and we always make sure we fit this in to the hectic Christmas schedules. Nothing is a replacement for this quality time with them.

Around this time I also try to meet up with friends from University. We usually either go for a meal or to someone’s home and gorge on snacks and Christmas movies. This time we all wear our Christmas jumpers. We only see each other 4/5 times a year, so it’s great to get the gang together!

The end of the School term

The last few days at work are some of my favourite. My form and I have decorated our classroom to extreme lengths, the Christmas movies are on in lessons, the department Secret Santa is in full force and it’s just a lovely wind down before the Christmas holidays begin.

In these last few days I usually have another mini Christmas with a friend who is a brilliant cook and always makes me the best roast and baked treats! We watch a few Christmas films and just enjoy hanging out with each other. It’s low stakes. We know each other well, we see each other often, there’s not lots of catching up to do. We just get to enjoy spending time with a friend- which we love as we both live on our own!

The last day of work is usually a half day. I use the remainder of my day to get festive before going home for the holiday season. I go to a few shops to get some last minute gifts. I go to Gregg’s to get a festive bake (probably my second one of the season) as well as Costa for my last Christmas hot chocolate of the season. I see the Christmas lights and truly enjoy them now I know I’m free from work and I finish my suitcase packing (whilst listening to some Christmas music of course!)

The Christmas Holidays

I usually spend the entirety of my two week Christmas holiday back at home with my parents. I travel by train and my parents come and pick me up one station before mine. (It saves a wait and another train- I’d have already been on 5!) we go to a couple of the local shops I don’t have near me and then we do the Christmas food shop. I love being able to put whatever I want in the trolley and getting to eat lots of exciting Christmas foods! I may be 26 but because I’m so infrequently my parents still treat me a bit like a child- fortunately in a good way like choosing the food!

Once I’m home I become a wrapping machine. Because of the travel I don’t wrap any Christmas presents until I get home. I don’t have a very large family, but I do buy a lot of presents. I’m a big believer in lots of small gifts, rather than one or two big ones. I just find it makes it more fun! It does however mean a lot of wrapping. I love sticking on some Christmas music or a good Christmas film, sitting on the floor with all the presents and wrapping paper and just going for it. I then help everyone else with their wrapping too. Hence the ‘machine’ part. It’s a weirdly nice thing to do though. It’s one on one time with each member of my family and I love that. So I always offer to help everyone, they rarely decline!

And then before we know it we’re at Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I’ll save that for another post!

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  1. I love that you always have a shopping day with your mum, so sweet, also how GOOD is the Costa Christmas drink range?

    Charlene McElhinney

    1. Thanks- we don’t live near each other so it’s a really nice thing to do! I love Costa’s Christmas drinks every year! My favourite is definitely the Black Forest Hot Chocolate but I’ve also enjoyed the new Hazelnut Praline one!

  2. Awesome list of traditions. Keep the christmas jumper going strong. I love them. Next time i have. A festive hot choc I’ll think of you. Here is to the next couple of awesome festive weeks.

    1. Thankyou! Loving this festive season already 🙂

  3. I love your blog! It’s really important to keep your friends close in contact and make sure to have a special time where you all meet up! I like your small traditions and ways to get in the festive spirit. I love the Costa festive drinks and their packaging is so cute!

    1. Thankyou so much! Most of my friends don’t live in the same city as me and at most I speak to them weekly- for me it’s important to plan in time to spend with them! I’m also loving everyone’s love of Costa’s festive drinks, I really do love them!

  4. through youtube I see that places like london look SUPER CHRISTMASY during this time of the year. Hope i can visit sometime to experience the season.

    1. It’s definitely a great place to visit at Christmas- such a great atmosphere!

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