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I recently wrote a post about my goals for 2019.

It pretty much ended up being a ‘what am I going to do with my life?’ sort of post. I’m very much still questioning this.

One thing I question regularly is my career. I only ever wanted to be a teacher, and once I reached that point (having completed my NQT year and an MAEd) I felt a bit lost. What do I do now I’ve reached that goal? I decided to make the most of a major job perk; the holidays. Since then I’ve done a lot more travelling than I ever thought I would (and you can read all about that here).

But I still every now and again question if I’m doing the right thing. I love the kids (although some of them less that’s for sure) and they absolutely brighten my day. And when I’m teaching a good lesson and they find it interesting and are learning I enjoy that immensely too. But the planning, the dealing with behaviour, the million and one things I need to do and any given time is draining and not enjoyable. And that’s working in a pretty relaxed School!

But what else would I do? I have no clue! I’m a very logical and efficient person, I’m relatively smart and hard-working I’m sure there are lots of other things I could do, but I really just don’t know. I’m making changes though. I’m starting a new teaching job next September at a new School. I’ll give that some time then come back to the career question….

But the ‘what am I doing with my life’ question? It still lingers. So I’m deciding on some things I do want to do, but I’m starting with the easiest category: travel.

Future Travel Plans

Here are the places I’d like to go/things I’d like to do in a future School holiday.

  • Paris, France (and Disneyland Paris)
  • South Africa (there’s a penguin based volunteer project I love the sound of, but also general safari/wildlife)
  • Florida (including Disney/Universal etc.)
  • Rome, Italy
  • Athens, Greece
  • Arizona and surrounding areas (Grand Canyon, Yosemite etc.)
  • Egypt
  • Somewhere to go whale watching! (Tenerife, Iceland etc.)
  • Australia (all of it, that’s the problem!)
  • Glasgow, Scotland (to see one of my favourite bands play in their home town)

What/where must I add to this ‘travel bucket list’?

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