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Christmas adverts coming on, along with the Christmas drinks in coffee shops, signals a true beginning of the Christmas season. I love watching these, but this year I was underwhelmed.

From the 2018 ads I’ve seen so far I love Kevin the Carrot’s expanding family and particularly the advert pretending to be the Coca-Cola Christmas lorry…

I also loved the adorable story of the Heathrow Bears travelling home for Christmas.

And I found Very’s ad where the young girl gets an astronaut helmet and goes on to become an astronaut very inspiring!

But I don’t think any 2018 ads really compare to previous years. So here’s my list of the best Christmas adverts from recent years.

I think one of my all time favourites was Sainsbury’s Christmas advert from 2016.

This is the one with James Cordon singing to tell the story of the animated characters giving the gift of time with their family at Christmas.

I am also a huge fan of Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot

I was thrilled to discover this wasn’t just a one off and have loved how they’ve added to the story of Kevin the Carrot over the last two years!

Then of course there are the classic John Lewis Ads.

The Bear and the Hare is obviously a classic.

But I think Monty the Penguin is my favourite, just because I love Penguins so much and wish I could have my own pet penguin! (Although I’m still disappointed buy the ending!)

There was also something special and heart-warming about Man on the Moon.

This is my favourite M&S ad I can remember!

I loved the Girl Power of this with Mrs Claus but also the sentiment of the little boy wanting to do something for his sister at Christmas!

Although not a Christmas ad in the traditional sense, I loved this from the BBC last year

I still get teary watching this to the end!

What are your all time favourite Christmas adverts? Add them to the comments!

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  1. Great choices here! Monty the Penguin is such a great one, he almost won out as top choice for my John Lewis one!

    1. Thankyou! My love of penguins and desire to have a pet penguin really made me love John Lewis for that ad! What are your other favourites?

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