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There’s some of you reading this questioning how on earth that could possibly be the case, some might not have ever found January a challenge, but I do.

I wrote recently about how loving Christmas makes going back to ‘real life’ in January even tougher. For me it’s tough because there’s such a stark contrast, it’s like living two lives. I get the full 2 weeks off at Christmas and travel several hours away to spend the whole time at my parents.

I don’t have to do any work and I have no responsibilities. There’s freezers and cupboards fully stocked (I don’t need to shop or think about meal planning) and usually someone else will cook for me- which means not even thinking about what to have as well as not being the one to cook.

There’s no need to clean or do laundry, and there’s no expectation that I exercise or even regularly leave the house! But my family are there so I can be social from the sofa- I spent a lot of Christmas this year doing a marvel movie marathon with my Dad and brother, it was the best!

Now i’m back to the real world.

Trying to eat decent meals, trying to keep the house tidy, trying to be somewhat productive instead of just watching movies from the comfort of my bed (which is what I’ve been doing most of this week). I’ve managed the gym twice and haven’t done a food shop yet- fresh food means proper cooking, which is effort I just don’t feel like I have at the moment.

So how does singledom come into this? Well in some cases it’s a burden shared- like tidying and cooking, but mostly it’s having someone supportive and motivating around me. I need someone to tell me not to eat another chocolate bar, to encourage me to get out of bed and do the things I need/want to do, to support me in trying to be healthier etc etc. Sometimes life just feels tougher because there’s no-one here to keep me in check and support me when I need it. And what I’ve realised is January is a real challenge for me and i’m not making the changes everyone else does at the beginning of a new year, i’m still trying to get back to the small successes of the routine I had at the beginning of December.

What makes January difficult for you?

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