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Heathers The Musical is currently on in the West End at London’s Theatre Royal Haymarket.

I saw it last week and loved it so much more than anticipated, so absolutely had to share it with you (there is no sponsorship or ad here, I just genuinely loved it! You can read my other theatre reviews here: Theatre)

Heathers The Musical Theatre Poster

I didn’t know anything about Heathers before seeing it. It had been branded by some as a musical ‘Mean Girls’, but it was definitely more sinister than that! I’d seen lots of positive comments about it on twitter, and the leading lady, Carrie Hope Fletcher, is someone I’ve been following for sometime now. So it seemed like the perfect opportunity to see her.

Only shortly before seeing it did I discover that Heathers the musical is based on the film ‘Heathers’ from the 80s. I decided not to watch it first, as in the past knowing an original has made me enjoy the theatre production less. You wonder why they skipped sections or why they created a certain song and it limits the enjoyment (or it has done for me at least). It was the right decision.

The musical is set in Westerberg High School in Ohio.

It covers the typical themes of any High School drama and the seventeen year olds living it, with a few unexpected twists. The main character is Veronica Sawyer, an average girl who wants to be popular. She helps out the leading girl gang- three girls named Heather, and gets herself in with the popular group. This of course means she ditches her best friend Martha and starts hanging out with the jocks and cheerleaders.

But as they continue to tease her best friend, Veronica can’t take it any more and stands up to the Heathers. This causes her expulsion from the group and her impending social death. Knowing this is looming, as highlighted by the brilliant song ‘Dead Girl Walking’ Veronica takes a brave jump and visits the guy she’s had a crush on (in a scene you may find awkward with your parents!).

This leads to a budding romance between Veronica and JD. But this is isn’t an ordinary teenage romance. JD’s troubled past catches up with him as he turns out to not be all that he seems and some strange things happen at Westerberg High…

As well as the great story and soundtrack, this musical covers some great and challenging topics.

It covers bullying, rape, suicide, mental health, coercion, controlling relationships etc. It’s great that they’re getting people to think about these topics through their story and songs and just demonstrates the power of theatre.

I really enjoyed myself seeing Heathers last week and even found myself singing many of the songs after I’d left. I was very pleased to find out that the London cast are releasing a soundtrack and look forward to being able to continue singing along soon. Unfortunately Heathers The Musical is only on in the West End for another month, so hurry up and get your tickets at the Theatre Royal Haymarket here:

You can read my other theatre reviews here: Theatre

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