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I’m a regular nail varnish wearer and I have a LOT of different colours and brands. But I’m always on the lookout for a new shade and a good deal.

I recently discovered this: the Revlon ‘Star Attractions’ range in ‘Pop Star’ and I LOVE it.
I tend to go for purples, blues or greens and what I love about this is how it is a purpley-blue. In the bottle it looks much more purple but once applied is more blue. It’s a really nice metallic and shiny tone that looks slightly different colours depending on the light you look at it under.

Despite wearing nail varnish often, it always chips quickly because my nails are so weak/brittle. So for me the sign of a good nail varnish is lasting several days with minimal chips and this one is impressing me! I am 3 days in with only one chip, which for me is almost unheard of!

What’s even better is the price. I found this for 69p in poundstretcher! They had several in their range from Revlon, and a few from other brands too so it’s definitely worth checking out. I’m now going to try the green shade I bought, hopefully it’s just as good!

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