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This summer I visited Philadelphia for the first time. I was only there for a short time but I packed a lot into my visit. Here are my Philadelphia Top Sights:

The Historic Side

Being from the UK, my knowledge of American History is pretty poor. But I still had a ague understanding of the significance of the Independence Hall and Liberty Bell, both of which can be found in Philadelphia. Although I liked seeing these things and learnt a lot, they were probably the least exciting part of my visit! However, they are free so if you have the time definitely worth a visit to understand their cultural significance.

The Views

If you’ve read any other posts in my solo travel series you’ll probably know that I have a thing for views and observation towers. Philadelphia is no different. I went up the One Liberty Observation Deck. I spent a few hours up here and really loved it. There were some great views over the city, especially as the sun went down. You could also use the binoculars for free which gave an incredible magnification to see details on all of the buildings. Here’s a few photos I’m pleased with!


I was only in Philadelphia for a little over 24 hours, so I didn’t get the opportunity to explore the museums. But I did take a walk up Benjamin Franklin Parkway which allowed me to see the museums from the outside, which was stunning enough.

I was also able to see the City Hall which looked incredible. You can also go up this on timed tickets to get another view and perspective of the city. As well as this I also took some time at the Love Sign and the Fountain near this for some photo ops!

The Harbour

One of my main highlights was the Spruce Street Harbor Park in the evening. This park was beautifully lit up with a number of colourful lights on the waterfront. The park is set up with numerous hammocks up for you to relax on, as well as a number of cafes and fun activities. It was so nice to spend an hour relaxing on a hammock, with a stunning view of the city and water front, whilst listening to music and enjoying a tasty milkshake from wawa (a cafe/supermarket you also need to check out if you visit Philly! It was sooo good!)

Solo Travelling

I visited Philadelphia by myself. I had no preconceptions about it other than the one line reference in the Fresh Prince theme song!! But I found it a great city to visit solo. People were helpful and friendly, there’s plenty of stuff to do and sights to see and the central tourist parts are really easy to get around- I walked everywhere! So if you’re concerned about travelling solo in Philadelphia you don’t need to be. Obviously take the normal precautions you would for travelling anywhere on your own, (read my ideas about this here) but otherwise it’s a perfectly great place to visit!

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  1. Hello, Twitter friend! As promised, I am checking out your blog. I LOVE IT. This post makes me want to visit Philly soon.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying my blog and I hope you do visit, I really loved it there!

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