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If you’ve been following this series you’ll know by now that I’m quite big on Christmas. It’s my favourite time of year and I start getting festive as soon as November hits.

To do this every year I need to expand my Christmas viewing outside of just the classic Christmas films. I’m a big fan of Channel 5’s showing Christmas movies back to back on Sundays. I’ve discovered a lot of new Christmas films in this way. I also frequent charity shops. This is a great way to pick up cheap Christmas movies. During the middle of the year especially they’re often selling them off for only 50p! So whenever I see one, so long as it doesn’t look too terrible I’ll buy it. I’ve got a few new ones to watch this year which I’m looking forward to!

All links are affiliate links taking you through to Amazon where you can buy or stream these films. Purchasing any of these may give me a small commission. You can also watch most of these films for free in the next 30 Days if you sign up for a Free Trial with Amazon Prime Video.

So here we go. The Christmas films you’ve probably never heard of that I think you’ll enjoy:

    • Mrs Miracle
      This mysterious magical woman arrives just in time to help a single Dad struggling with looking after his two young sons alone. Mrs Miracle quickly earns the respects of the whole family and she starts on her work to heal their hearts and transform their lives.

    • Saving Santa
      This animated movie, starring the voices of Martin Freeman and Tim Curry, shows the story of the brave Elf Bernard, using the secrets of Santa’s sleigh to travel back in time and save Santa. What’s brilliant about this film is the incredible soundtrack of original songs. My favourite is ‘An Elf Like Me’.

    • Northpole
      This film and it’s sequel introduces Clementine, an Elf from the Northpole. She is concerned that the Northern Lights are fading, signalling a lack of Christmas spirit. She joins up with a young boy who has just moved to a new town that is getting rid off their town’s Christmas celebrations. With the help of his reporter Mum and School Teacher together they work to bring back Christmas to the town.

    • Rise of the Guardians
      This may not strictly be a Christmas film, but Santa, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and the like are all at risk when their evil counterpart tries to get children to stop believing in them. It all comes down to the boy Jack Frost, voiced by Christ Pine, to save the day. This film has been brilliantly animated and is definitely worth a watch!

    • Prep and Landing
      Brought to us by Disney this Christmas film focuses on two high-tech Elves working together to deliver Santa’s presents. But with Lanny and Wayne having different views and levels of expertise and with some big challenges, Christmas Eve is less than simple!

  • Santa Who?
    Santa wakes up not knowing that he’s Santa. Everyone assumes he’s just a lost and confused elderly man and a reporter takes it upon himself to look after him and reunite him with his family, hoping it will make his big story. But it takes a child to realise he’s the real Santa, but no-one believes him and Santa goes home with his ‘family’, risking Christmas for everyone.

  • The Elf that Rescued Christmas
    This animated movie is filled with big characters and hilarious scenes. An orphan boy unexpectedly meets an Elf and finds himself at the Northpole. He quickly gets wrapped up with his new Elf and Reindeer friends in tracking down Santa’s evil twin and the magical crystal ball he’s stolen, before he ruins Christmas forever.

  • Nine Lives of Christmas
    This Hallmark film tells the story of a cat lover, Marilee, who meets a firefighter in a supermarket and shares her advice for his new found pet. Alongside his girlfriend they visit her at her pet store for more help. His girlfriend causes chaos leading to major problems for Marilee. Eventually things get so bad that she moves into the flat the firefighter is renovating. But in that proximity romance blossoms.

  • The Christmas Secret
    This film features One Tree Hill’s Bethany Joy Lenz as a struggling single mother facing eviction and no Christmas presents for her children. She moved to the town her Father she’d never met grew up in, gets a new job and starts to build a new life with some help from the new people she meets along the way.

  • Mistletoe Over Manhattan
    Mrs Claus is worried about Santa being overworked and considering retirement. So she sets out for New York to find some Christmas Spirit. She meets a man going through a divorce and struggling with his two children and offers to help out. She discovers the teenagers acting out is due to their parents divorce and works with the children to get them back together.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Channel 5 and Film 4 for some of these films, you’ll also find them on the 24/7 Christmas channel True Christmas which is available on Freeview and with most TV services! If you can’t find them on TV you can watch some of these with a free 30 Day Trial of Amazon Prime Video!

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