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I became obsessed with the last series of Channel 4’s show Hunted last year. Now it’s back with celebrities, and it’s just as intense but a bit more hilarious.

This celebrity version is to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer. 8 celebrities are ‘fugitives’ on the run from the team of ‘Hunters’. The Hunters are professionals whose normal jobs are to track down criminals using their skills and technology to trace and capture the fugitives. If the celebrities last 14 days on the run, outwitting the hunters and evading capture then they win the money for the charity. (The non- Celebrity version requires 28 days of evading capture, with the prize money split between all the winning teams.)

Channel 4 Hunted

So why is this show so great?

The celebrity one is funnier. Partially because the celebs are easily identifiable, so members of the public spot them and take photos of them, making them more trackable by the hunters. But also because the celebrities seem to be less prepared for life on the run. Having watched previous series it seems like most people in the show have a thought out plan of what they could do and what would work. The celebs seem much more unprepared and are getting themselves in much stickier situations, coming very close to being captured by the hunters.

There is a lot of suspense in this show as you see everything from both the hunters and celebs perspectives. This means that we as viewers regularly see the Hunters making progress and getting closer and closer to them whilst the celebs are oblivious. The celebs then realise and you’re caught in the suspense of waiting to see if the celebs will manage to get out before the Hunters reach them.

Catch up online on All4 ( or watch the next episode Tuesday at 9:15 on Channel 4.

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